Are Infrared Grills Worth the Cost?

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What is Infrared and how does it work?

There are smoke and there are smoky with the infrared grill that can only be called smoky. Because the infrared grill and barbeque is a healthier option to make your food taste smoky, grill beef, kabobs, whole chickens and other foods that you would normally cook on a grill. Infrared grills get their smoky taste from the wood chips that you place right over the heat source where the infrared rays focus their energy on them. The smoky taste that you get from an infrared grill comes from the wood that is heated by the infrared rays.

The wood chips produce wood smoke and tars that are released into the air. The air that has the tars are pushed through a metal tube that holds the wood chip so that you can direct the smoke where you want it. Now you have a grilling experience that is not unhealthy, but delicious.

An infrared grill is not only a healthier version of a traditional charcoal grill, but it also offers temperature control, convenience and a variety of choices for your food. Infrared grills have a large ceramic dish built right into the grill so that you only need to add wood chips when the grilling is almost finished, and the dish is out of the way when you need the grill for the food.

What are the Advantages of Infrared Grills?

Infrared grills are popular among grill lovers nowadays.

These grills deliver even food cooking and save you a great deal of time.

Since infrared grills achieve better heating quickly, they are also very fast. Their high output can be compared to the output of gas stoves.

Infrared grills are hot enough to cook a steak at the center in only a few minutes. They also help you cook other food that require the same heat, such as hamburgers.

The other advantage of using infrared grills is the efficiency of fuel. Infrared grills are designed for safety use of the product.

Another advantage in using infrared grills is you save more money. Infrared grills are designed for people cooking with less fuel. An infrared grill can heat more than a gas grill. Additional energy is not needed for an infrared grill to work.

People can prepare or cook different kinds of dishes that are healthier with an infrared grill. Most people considered infrared grills healthier because they do not add lots of fats and oils to pan fry food.

Infrared grills are easier to clean. With infrared grills, you do not need to concern yourself with grease.

You don’t need to change oil and gas anymore because it uses electricity. Using electricity is safe because there is no risk of fire.

How Does Infrared Cooking Work on a Gas Grill?

Infrared or IR cooking is the process of using infrared radiation to transfer energy to a food product. As the energy transfers from the source to the food, it raises the product’s temperature. This process is similar to the real sun cooking that we do everyday. Think of the summer sun’s rays drying off our wet towels on the clothesline.

In the case of infrared cooking, radiant energy (heat) is transferred from the food sources (the burner coils and the cooking grates). The radiant energy is then absorbed by the surface of the food product. As the energy transfers from the source to the product, the food begins to heat. This process is the perfect way to grill and cook. The infrared energy prevents the food from burning and drying out. It heats the food evenly, eliminating any hot spots.

The dedicated infrared burner uses an infrared bulb that produces wavelengths of light that the human eye cannot see. This invisible energy transfers heat directly to the food.

The infrared heat produced is in the form of lines. When the food item is placed over the central burner, it is cooking, creating lines of infrared energy. These lines of heat are absorbed into the food product.

The infrared line doesn’t penetrate far into the food product, but gives the food a nice even heat.

There are two main elements that make infrared cooking more favorable than traditional gas grilling.

What Are the Advantages of Cooking With an Infrared Grill?

If you are trying to lose weight or even maintain your weight, grilling is one of the best ways to do it. Grilled food is delicious and healthy! All you need to do is flip a switch and you have a hot and ready cooking surface loaded with flavor.

The infrared grill revolution is happening. However, if you are so blessed with a grill at home, most of the times you will find that it is hard to use, it’s old, it’s dirty, or it just doesn’t get hot enough.

These are all good reasons to buy a shiny new grilling machine. But what exactly are the advantages of these new devices?

The main advantage of using an infrared grill is that the food is nearly free of contaminants that can make you sick.

In an infrared grill, the food is exposed to high levels of infrared radiation and has steam rising from the hot grill. This evaporates bacteria. Even if there are contaminants, this evaporates them, meaning there’s nothing to give you the flu or any other illness.

Another advantage of infrared grilling is the speed at which the food is cooked. It only takes minutes, so the meat doesn’t have the opportunity to sit out and pick up bacteria. This means you can have your food perfectly grilled, and still eat it at room temperature.

Disadvantages of Cooking With an Infrared Grill

Too many people assume that because an infrared grill is significantly cheaper than other types of grills, their health and the health of their family will suffer less. In most cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth. These grills can actually put your family at risk of developing serious health conditions.

Most people fail to realize that an infrared grill requires you to cook at a much higher temperature in order to cook your food properly. This higher temperature may cause cancer-causing compounds to be released during the cooking process.

The final consumption of carcinogens is directly linked to the overall length of time you cook your food. For the most part, a good rule of thumb is to make your food for only as long as it takes to drive from your house to a friend’s house to show off your new infrared grill. At that time, it may be a good idea to pop your food in the microwave to warm it back up.

While not everyone will develop cancer, if you notice that you have constant respiratory irritation, skin irritation, or have been diagnosed with skin cancer, you may wish to schedule an appointment with your physician.

Different Types of Infrared Grills

There are two main types of infrared grills you can consider. One is made by a rectangular base with heat on all sides and the other is a grid-like grill that sits on your existing barbecue grill.

With the infrared grills, there is no need for you to turn your food. It also has a unique way of cooking that allows the heat to penetrate through the food evenly. Hence, some people argue that these are more healthy for you.

However, infrared grills are known to be noisier than the usual grills. So if you’re the type to prefer a quiet afternoon, they may not be a good fit for you. It’s also important to take note that these grills tend to be more expensive than a traditional barbecue grill.

Infrared grilling is highly commercial nowadays and so you have a variety of different brands to choose from like Weber, Broil King, etc. Even though the new technology is not the same as the traditional barbecue, it’s definitely a worthy alternative.

The upper side of your food will grill and meanwhile the bottom will be tenderized. Also, the food will start to change shape because the heat will come from beneath. It’s a great way to grill entire cuts of meat. It’s a great grilling experience and you can adjust your food easily.

Are There Any Potential Problems with Infrared Grills?

The most common problem with this style of grill is that they get hot.

If you have kids or a granny who is used to flipping on an ordinary grill, they need to be warned about the danger posed by infrared grills. There are a few infrared grills that have dead man’s handles that can open the grill.

These devices are designed to help you close the fire box and handle of the grill with a single handle. This is a blessing for the elderly, but in the case of the infrared grills it can be a disaster.

You can be severely burned if you are not careful when closing the lid. You are likely to get a lot of burns if you try to close it in a hurry.

To avoid injuries, always make sure that anything flammable is well away from the grill. I would also recommend using wooden or metal utensils to remove food.

The most common problem with this style of grill is that they get hot. The grease generated from the heat will drip and drop down on your face or body. Always make sure that the grill is well over from any table and any other place for people to sit.

A good infrared grill should always have a good safety system in place. It should feature a high-temperature sensor, and a push-button ignition, and a spring-loaded lid. These safety mechanisms are especially important if you have kids.

Are Infrared Grills Worth the Cost or Are They Just Marketing Hype?

If you’ve recently bought an infrared grill, you probably wonder whether it really provides better results than a standard one. Did you pay a few hundred dollars more just for a fad or is the infrared grilling technology all it is cracked up to be?

Does the grill get hot enough to cook food fast? And is it really better for you and the food?

Fortunately, infrared grills do live up to their hype.

Here is what you need to know about infrared grills:

WHAT DO THEY DO: Infrared grills work by cooking food by radiation, not heat transfer. The radiation used is completely different from the conventional way we use heat transfer. Infrared grills cook food from within, so they cook faster and can get hotter than stovetops or ovens.

HOW DO THEY WORK: Infrared grills emit infrared radiant energy. This heats the food to very high temperatures, so fast that it is not necessary to turn it over. You can grill burgers on the backside without affecting the front side.

Is there more to infrared grill than these high temperatures? Infrared grilling works by burning fats, not by aggressively tearing apart the cells of the food.

A Great Alternative to Infrared

These kinds of grills use infrared heat to grill your food.

Heat can be good or bad depending on the situation.

When it comes to cooking, the objective is getting a reasonably even spread of heat throughout the food without getting it overcooked in any part.

Ovens usually do a good job at this, or even the frying pan on the stove with the gas on.

But the grill has always been a bit of a wildcard.

Yes, a gas grill will get the job done, but I find that it tends to char only at the surface, leaving the inside raw in some areas, and burning in others.

If you have ever had to throw a cooked steak or something similar into the oven to finish it off, you know what I mean.

With infrared grills, the heat gets distributed out by waves, so it heats up the whole surface evenly all at once.

Terrific for most meats.

They work well enough that you don’t really need an oven anymore.

Pit Boss Sportsman 820 Wood Pellet Grill Review

It’s no secret that grills come with a hefty price tag. But what if I told you it’s possible to build a grill just as good and as durable as one you can buy at a warehouse store or popular retailer?

That’s right. With a little work and elbow grease, you can assemble a high quality grill at a much lower price. Of course, the main component you need is said grill – in this case, the Futura Futura Infrared Grill.

At first glance, the Futura 820 looks like your ordinary charcoal or gas grill. But dig a little deeper and you'll find that the Futura 820 is quite impressive at a glance.

It’s a well constructed piece of machinery that is solid and durable:

The body is made of heavy duty and well-insulated stainless steel. This allows for your grilling experience to be more efficient and consistent.

The lid will hug your food, and not stick to it, as you grill. You’ll even be able to easily adjust the temperature being that the lid is designed to lock perfectly.

The accessories are high quality and include a rotisserie, expanded metal grate, and a drip pan. You’ll also find that the grill comes with plenty of room for cooking.