The Bavette Steak: A Complete Cooking Guide

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What is Bavette steak?

It is known as Bavette steak in English. The French simply refer to it as flanchet. It is a type of meat steak made from the thin flap right below the short loin on a sirloin.

Bavette steak is known to be a part of the whole cut of a sirloin tip roast. It can be the flap part, left half of a whole cut of the meat, the full cut of the meat, or the right half of the roast.

Remember that it is a part of the whole cut, so the piece can vary in size and thickness. That is what makes it an intimidating meat to cook. To ensure that you always end up with a perfect Bavette sauce, you need to know how to cut it correctly every time.

The sirloin tip, part of the cow’s hind quarters, comes from the stake, a small bone between the hip and sirloin. Like the top-end steaks, the sirloin tip has some connective tissue, which connects the muscles of the sirloin to the hip and pelvic bones.

Many cowboys and sled dogs will use the sirloin tip. They are the ones who have the most natural use of the muscle in motion. As a result, the product is an irregularly shaped strip of meat.

Where to buy it Bavette steak

Can be purchased from the butcher section of your local supermarket or fresh meat(unaged beef) merchants.

The bavette steak is also available in some local butchers or specialty meat shops.

It is often sold farther from the ribeye steak cuts and is usually found in a vacuum-packed roll.

It has a characteristic pink stripe running through, which is a good indication that you have the right cut of meat.

The best way to cook Bavette steak

As they say, meat is only as good as the way it is cooked. And if you don’t know how to prepare and cook a steak, you better watch some YouTube tutorials.

Before you start cooking, put your grill going and check your meat’s temperature. You may also put some oil on your grill to make cooking a little easier.

Next, before you put your meat on the grill, you should let it sit for 5-10 minutes. This allows the meat to come up to room temperature and stay at its optimum serving temperature longer.

Start to heat the steak evenly and then let it sear for about 2 minutes. Remember, you want to cook the food nice and slowly. And, there are a couple rules for testing your steak to make sure it’s cooked to perfection.

The first rule is to flip your meat only once, and the second rule is to never use a fork or a knife to test the doneness of your meat. Just poke it with your finger. You want to feel it for that perfect temperature.

Once the meat has reached your preferred level of temperature, take it off the grill, let it rest for 3 minutes, and then slice it.

Now, use this newly acquired steak knowledge to create a delicious steak dinner for yourself and/or your family and friends tonight.

Grilling it

Like a Pro!

The bavette is a great candidate for grilling and regular BBQ lovers will know the awesome results you get with this method, especially when cooked over coal!

Grilled bavette looks and tastes really good and has a great texture that you can definitely appreciate.

It’s my favorite way of cooking bavette and I like it served with quinoa, some garlic bread and a fried egg on top, but that’s just me.

Sous Vide

The sous vide cooking method is very effective and easy to do. Sous vide cooking is a French term, which means “under vacuum”. Originally in France, it was the name for cooking foods with a machine. The process involves sealing food in bags, then cooking it in a water bath.

The sous vide technique is a great way to cook a steak to USDA-approved temperatures and to retain moisture. It takes little time to cook sous vide and the results are always quite impressive.

While you can cook any steak using the sous vide method, the Bavette steak is quite popular. See the sous vide cooking guide below to learn how to cook the perfect steak.

Bavette steak tips and FAQS

Bavette steak is a tender cut usually served medium rare and is best prepared by searing on a hot skillet then transferring to the oven to cook through.

But what’s the best way to cook a bavette steak?

Many people prefer rare to medium rare or very rare, knowing that their beef has been aged while hanging in a very cold room and that enzymes remain active in the meat, so it cooks from the inside out.

Rare to medium-rare steaks have more flavor. Some people prefer to not cook steaks past a particular temperature, and due to the aging of the beef, this is a good temperature to stop at. When you cook a bavette steak well-done, it loses a lot of its flavor.

What dishes work best for Bavette steak?

Bavette steak can be cooked in a variety of ways. Marinating and grilling (on a barbecue or indoor grill) are my favourite cooking methods. I often suggest marinating before grilling, but cooking bavette steak without marinating gives a great grilled flavour too.

When choosing a marinade, the main goal is to infuse flavour while keeping the steak moist and tender. Some hints for marinating bavette steak include:

  • Add a lot of acid : The acidity will help break down the meat and create flavour. As a bonus, this will be easier on your sore hands after marinating.
  • Stay away from sweet marinades: The sugar may caramelize on the outside of your bavette steak, but you’ll end up with a mushy, boring steak on the inside.
  • Add some moisture: If you can, add some oil or other liquid. This will help keep your steak tender while marinating it.
  • Let it sit: Less time is better with a very strong marinade, but if you’re using a weaker marinade, let it sit for a few hours to soak in.

Here’s a good guide on how to marinate a steak.

How to slice Bavette steak

Start by bringing a pan to heat over a high flame. Cook it for a couple of minutes. Once the pan is hot enough, place your steak onto the pan.

Cook the steak by covering it for one and a half minute on the first side.

Using tongs, flip the meat and cook it for a further one and a half minute.

Place a weight on top of the steak so that the meat continues to cook completely.

Continue cooking the meat in this manner, putting a weight on top of it, until done.

In total, it should take about eight minutes to cook the steak. The time depends on the thickness of the steak.

Is Bavette steak healthy?

The Bavette steak is a relatively lean cut of beef.

It has protein and iron benefits, and so it’s a great food for a healthier lifestyle. Furthermore, it has a good amount of unsaturated fat content, and it’s great for a high-fat diet.

You can cook Bavette steak for different numbers of people easily. If you need too much Bavette steak then, you may freeze it for next time.

You can use a Bavette steak for many purposes like roasting and grilling. The best way to cook a Bavette steak is by following the following ways.

What is Wagyu Bavette steak?

Wagyu means Japanese Cow. Braised Kobe-style Bavette Steak is made from Wagyu wagyu cattle raised in the Kobe region of Japan, the best Wagyu cattle in the world. It is also known as the Kobe Beef in the Western countries because this cattle originates from the Kobe region of Japan.

The Japanese Wagyu beef can also be made from smaller cattle, which is known as Kobe-style Bavette Steak or Kobe Beef Bavette Steak.

Kobe-style Bavette Steak is one of the top-rated beef where even the lean part of the cattle is well-loved due to its tenderness. The beef is trimmed so that the fat ratio is about 40%.

Kobe Beef Bavette Steak is also known by the different names such as “Longissimus dorsi”, “sirloin cap steak”, and others.

In Asian countries, including Japan and Korea, Braised Kobe-style Bavette Steak is often used as an ingredient for stew called “Nikomi”.

Nikomi is a traditional stew where the Kobe-style Bavette Steak is boiled along with some vegetables and herbs for hours.

Wrapping it all up

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