How to Use the Charcoal Snake Method to Turn Your Grill Into a Smoker

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Traditional rotisserie grills are generally pretty expensive and the only way to control how the food is cooked is by adjusting the heat levels.

But with the help of two common household items you can make a more affordable and easier to use smoker that works on just the charcoal snake method. You can easily make your standard grill into a smoker that will produce a lot of smoky flavor with a very low temperature, and also improve your quality of BBQ.

Weber SmokeFire Pellet Grill Review: Does it Live up to the Hype?

In this review, we take a closer look at the Weber SmokeFire, and find out how it holds up against the hype. We compare it to the similarly priced Char-Broil Touched by an Angel smoker to see how they stack up.

We live off the grid, so having a portable and efficient grill/smoker can be a big help.

While we only use our outdoor grill a few times a month, it’s still important to have one that is durable and reliable.

Because of this, we decided to test out the Weber SmokeFire grill, and see if it could hold up to the competition.

The Weber SmokeFire, like many other pellet grills on the market, is heavy-duty, and easy to bring it around wherever you want. While it’s big enough to be a full-sized grill, it can easily be taken down, and allowed to cool before you hit the road. For this reason, it’s easy to see why this grill is so highly recommended.

Also, like its competitors, it’s easy to assemble. This is important to us because we like to keep things simple. Many of the high-priced, grills currently on the market are difficult to move and assemble, which makes owning one impractical for our lifestyle.