Ooni Pro VS Roccbox: Countertop Pizza Oven Battle

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Ooni VS Roccbox Company Overview

Planet Pizza did the introduction. I, however, have a different take on the introduction that I will share with you.


Ooni is the slickest kitchen appliance in the world. It is unlike anything else on the market. Ooni also aims to make awesome customized pizzas, baked on your countertop!

The Ooni works like a traditional wood-fired pizza oven, but it is much easier to use. All of your pizzas will be ready in just three minutes.

Ooni is truly the future of pizza making.


Roccbox is a revolutionary new generation of countertop pizza oven which elevates the pizza experience to new dimensions. Roccbox has been specially designed to allow fire and air to circulate efficiently to produce a crispy, delicious, and authentic Neapolitan pizza in only a few minutes.

Roccbox is a combination of old school and new school.


If you're in the market for a pizza oven for your kitchen counter, the Ooni Pro offers one of the most convenient options available on the market, while still maintaining a quality cooking experience.

The Ooni pro was designed for use in the home, right from the start. Their goal was to design a pizza oven that would look at home in any kitchen and perform great as a regular oven.

In order to achieve that, their oven features a sleek modern design that is easy to use and will fit into the home's decor with ease.

The Ooni pro is able to achieve cooking temperatures of up to 700 degrees F, while only heating up the surrounding air by 40 degrees. That means you can use the Ooni Pro outdoors in the summer, without worrying about whether the heat is going to damage the area around it.

The fact that the Ooni Pro reaches such high temperatures allows the pizza to come out crispy, while maintaining the moisture needed to make the dough soft enough to handle and eat with ease.

Because it's a convection oven, it can cook faster than traditional ovens of the same size, but it will still reach temperatures high enough to keep a crunchy crust.

Gozney (Roccbox)

Sometimes you just want a slice of pizza. You know the feeling right. You just want a slice of pizza from a pizza shop that will satisfy your craving.

However, you know that getting take-out pizza is not the healthiest option, or just maybe you don’t want to order extra cheese and keep the pizza box. You just want a warm, fresh, and complete homemade pizza.

The next best thing you can do is owning a countertop pizza oven. And it is exactly why Roccbox exists. Besides making pizza, you can make bread in Roccbox, so it is a pretty cool multifunction machine.

It has very low heat and cooks the pizza using the indirect heat method. The cooking temperature is generally around 300ºF. Roccbox then uses steam to cook the pizza, which makes it safe to use, and you can cook various types of dough in Roccbox.

Easy to Use

Just add the ingredients, and it will take care of the rest. No fussing around and just enjoying fresh homemade pizza. It’s as simple as that. The cooking process is very similar to a regular oven, but much faster. The pizza is fresh once it is cooked, the dough is ready to use and the pizza toppings are tasty.

Ooni Pro Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven Review

The Ooni pro isn’t as traditional as the Roccbox but it’s still quite good at making authentic Italian style pizzas. No matter how much you love traditional, wood fired pizza, it’s just not always possible to make it. And for that, you need pizza ovens like the Ooni Pro.

If you’re living in a place like Roswell, New Mexico, there’s no place to buy wood fired pizza. Even in places where you can buy traditional pizza, it’s often sold out because it’s just that popular.

If you want the kind of pizza you can only get from wood fired brick ovens, you need a pizza oven.

You can buy a traditional brick oven but that’s not exactly practical. The Ooni Pro is the next best thing although it’s not as traditional as a brick oven.

The Ooni Pro gives you the experience, especially if you’re not used to brick oven style pizza.

Roccbox Gas Fired Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

This roccbox is designed for the modern day outdoor kitchen. Outdoor grills are great but tend to be bulky and cumbersome. People don’t want to haul a large grill from place to place.

There are a few portable pizza ovens out there, but they are all small and often times have a fire burning inside of them. These fire-in-the-pan, fire-with-the-pizza kind of ovens make great pizza but not so much if you have growing kids, pets, or curious looking adults. The roccbox is the perfect size for a family indoors or outside. It’s 12x12x14 and weighs in at 54 lbs.

The roccbox uses Eco-Lite gas cartridges to heat the firebox. You fuel the roccbox, turn on the fire, and you are off and running. Fire up the gas, turn it on, and within 20 minutes you have 800 degrees of cooking power.

The roccbox comes with one set of stainless grates. There are models that have additional grates available for purchase.

Ooni VS Roccbox head to head comparison

When we were looking for a countertop pizza oven, we saw two products on the market that were affordable, and seemed to have a lot of positive reviews on Amazon. They were the Ooni Pro and the Roccbox.

Both of these machines are capable of producing a similar product. The objective of this post is to do a comparison of the two, and show you how they compare to each other, and which one we ended up buying.


Both the black Ooni Pro and the red Roccbox are aesthetically pleasing compact countertop ovens designed for individual home use. While the Ooni Pro has its main door at the bottom, the Roccbox has the main door at the top.

Both of them are relatively lightweight at 23 pounds and durable enough to take care of the daily stresses of being stored in an average kitchen.

The Roccbox is more portable, much more so than the Ooni. This is due to the fact that it’s top-opening, so it can be opened on top of the countertop. This is unique to the Roccbox, none of the other countertop pizza makers can do this. It is a significant advantage for those who store their oven in a cupboard or a closet, since it becomes a lot easier to get to when stored.

On the other hand, this is to the detriment of controlling the temperature and access in general.

First of all, the rear sight window of the Roccbox is much smaller, and the dial is quite small. This makes it hard to see the area of the oven that you’re heating. The non-glass door and rear glass panel of the Ooni on the other hand, are huge, and the dial is much more than just a dial.


Free Giant Balloon V.S. Countertop Pizza Oven

In this battle of fuel-free giant balloons versus countertop pizza ovens, it comes down to which one can cook your pizza the fastest and most thoroughly.

Both of these appliances cook your pizza without using any fuel. The Power Chef Ooni Pro uses convection heat to cook your pizza, while roccbox uses infrared heat.

The countertop roccbox can cook pizzas in under 5 minutes and up to 800°F. While the Ooni Pro takes about 12 minutes to heat up and cook a pizza to 450°F.

Ooni Pro vs Roccbox cook times and temperatures:

Ooni: 12 minutes to 450°F and about 15 minutes total, usually another 15 minutes to cook your pizza

Roccbox: 5 minutes to 800°F from a cold start, you need to preheat first and another 5-10 minutes adding cheese, toppings, and cooking to your liking.

It looks like the Roccbox is faster while the Ooni Pro can hold its heat much longer.

Which Cooks Best?

Since the Roccbox can cook your pizza faster, you would think that it was the best choice between the two. It is, however, a matter of preference. What you prefer depends on several factors.

Size of pizza

Pro: 16inch Roccbox: 10 inch

If you think about making a pizza the traditional way you will agree that it’s quite a process and if you want to guarantee the right result you will agree that it’s not something you could do successfully the first time you try.

To be honest, a lot of things can go wrong. Even after years of experience, the making of a consistent good pizza can be a real challenge.



The Ooni Pro is portable and takes up a footprint of a coke bottle. It is a countertop machine and is best used in kitchens, patios, outside and basically anywhere that you can plug it in. The word “portable” may be a bit of a stretch as it is one of the heaviest countertop ovens we have reviewed (almost 18 lbs.) so lugging it around can be cumbersome. Nevertheless, it doesn’t require a lot of space. The size just about fits in the trunk of your car.

On the other hand, the Roccbox is not portable. It fits inside your kitchen and its weight is almost double that of the Ooni Pro, coming in at over 30 lbs. The size is also quite bulky. It’s definitely not something you can fit in the trunk of your car or carry to someone else’s home.

That one standout feature

That certain appliances have which you cannot live without.

As with any appliance, there are must-have features unique to the product category.

The Ooni Pro definitely touts a couple standouts, here’s what they are:

  • The Ooni Pro is an All-in-one pizza oven that serves up fresh, hot, delicious homemade pizza in just 3.5 minutes.
  • With the Ooni Pro, you'll never have to fire up a conventional oven again! You can even cook a whole meal–not just pizza and can even cook meats without ever taking them out of the oven.
  • It is restaurant quality and evenly cooks food up to 6" thick, so every one of your pizza toppings will get the crispy, golden-brown texture you desire.
  • It can cook pizzas and other foods 4x faster than an indoor oven and 2x faster than an outdoor grill!
  • You can cook up to 8 full-size, 10" pizza pies in just 15 minutes!

The Roccbox, on the other hand, has a ceramic stone bowl and a faster pre-heat time. You can cook an Alton Brown Orange Chicken cooked in under 10 minutes. You can use Roccbox to heat up your leftovers or anything!

The Roccbox – ease of use

The Roccbox has a similar heating system to the Ooni Pro but it’s more closed, meaning it has a small vent for the steam created during the cooking process. The steam escapes through the vent and the oven’s walls keep the humidity stable.

The Roccbox has two wheels at the back so you can easily move it around the kitchen and it has large side handles so you can lift it and take it from one place to another.

The oven also has an indicator light to tell you when it is at the preheating temperature.

Basically, it’s very easy to use. You plug it in, you add the pizza on the wooden cooking tray, and you use the oven’s settings from the remote control to adjust the temperature to the type of pizza you are cooking.

Another advantage of the Roccbox is that you can cook two pizzas simultaneously inside different compartments. That is not possible with the Ooni Pro.

Also, the Roccbox’s temperature settings are more precise than the Ooni Pro’s. The difference between the temperature you select and the actual temperature inside the oven is about 3�F, so you can be more accurate with the Roccbox.

The Ooni Pro – greater utility

Compared to the Roccbox, the Ooni Pro is more capable of making thicker and authentic pizza. Its much larger 9 inch stovetop heating area makes the heat uniform and gives it the ability to reach higher heats than the Roccbox which is limited to 800°F.

The motor allows the Ooni Pro to go to 600°F.

The Ooni’s larger heat area not only means better heat distribution for pizza but also better searing temperatures for meats and vegetables.

The Ooni’s thickness and durability also has a major advantage. It is 8 ply while the Roccbox is only 2 ply, making the Ooni Pro suitable for cooking thicker pizzas.

Being bigger and more durable, that means that the Ooni Pro can produce a lot more pizzas before it wears out.

Its 2-year warranty is longer than Roccbox’s 1 year. All in all, the Ooni Pro is more versatile than the Roccbox and can be used to make thicker pizzas and even other things such as bbq meat and vegetables.

Wrapping it all up

Now that we have discussed a range of ovens, which one do you think will be your perfect match?

The Ooni Pro or the Roccbox?

The Ooni Pro has a larger chamber and can accommodate larger servings than the Roccbox can. It is also known to produce a better crust, with smaller bubbles.

However, it is a bit hard to clean. You’ll have to go through the cleaning checklist multiple times before you can actually use it again.

The Roccbox, found on the other hand, is easier to clean since the cooking chamber is narrower than the Ooni Pro’s. It also has a reflective interior that enhances the overall efficiency of the oven.

On the downside, this oven’s reflective surface produces soggier crust than the Ooni Pro’s.

Both ovens are great equipment if you need a countertop pizza oven. These appliances make it possible to throw some pizza dough in their chambers, and they then handle the rest of the process.

With the help of these machines, pizza lover’s and foodies alike can bring the magic of a brick oven’s cooking to their kitchens.

Guide to Wrapping Brisket

To create a memorable smoked brisket, you need to start by cooking your brisket long and low in a smoker. But in just a few hours, you might not have anything to show for all that hard work.

That’s why wrapping the brisket is a smart move. It’s not just your best tool in the fight against over-cooked or burnt brisket, but it also takes care of the mess that can occur while smoking brisket.

Let me tell you more about why wrapping is the secret to a moist and tender brisket. . .

Brisket is a heavily marbled cut of meat that is more likely to dry out while smoking than a leaner cut. If you don’t deal with the juices that escape from the tough meat, then your brisket will burn because the water that runs off will create flames.

So wrapping your brisket is the easiest way to deal with this issue. With all that fat and collagen, it’s tough to stop the brisket from leaking juice. That’s why wrapping your brisket is essential.

When you wrap it, the juices stay in the meat, keeping it moist and tender. Optionally, you can baste the brisket with an extra cheese sauce before putting foil around it.