Propane vs Electric Smoker – Which is Better?

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What’s the Big Difference between Propane & Electric Smokers?

Both electric and propane smokers have their pros and cons. If you’re a rookie, it may be a good idea to get a simple electric smoker. There’s no fuss involved and you just plug it in. It is perfect for newbies.

On the other hand, propane smokers come with a higher price tag but they are more durable.

Taste & Smell

Smoke is what gives the meat its distinct flavour and smell. Propane smokers produce less smoke than electric smokers. As a result, the food tastes less smoky and strong. So, if you are making meat for the first time, it is better for you to go for electric smokers.

If you are accustomed to for a smoky flavour, you may like propane smokers. On the other hand, if you’re a newbie, you may find propane smokers overwhelming.

Time & Money

Of the two, electric smokers are the more budget friendly option.

In electric smokers, the heat is generated by using electricity.

On the other hand, propane smokers work on propane gas. The gas is injected into the smoker. Barbecues are another example of a propane smoker.

Electric Smoker Overview

Electric smokers are the new hype in home smoking. I’ll be giving you an overview about electric smokers, advantages and disadvantages of using electric smokers, and how to find the best electric smoker to meet your unique needs in your home.

Electric smokers have improved greatly over the years and have become one of the most popular choices in smokers because of the convenience it offers. That and you don’t have to clean smoke and ash off the outside of the smoker in case cold weather sets in.

Electric smokers are the best choice for many beginner smokers because they are easy to use, requires very little maintenance, and are already equipped with an excellent temperature controller that can handle all the temperature changes needed for smoking food.

Electric smokers also cost less than propane, natural gas, and charcoal smokers.

Many top rated electric smokers are able to produce the same results as high-priced, large and commercial smokers without the hassle that comes with them.

Electric smokers have a way of completely sealing off the heat and smoke inside the smoker without allowing the heat and smoke to leak into your home. This allows the smoker to work very well in colder weather. With traditional smokers, you’re going to need to have them outside in clear weather.

Propane Smoker Overview

Propane smokers are serious barbecue tools with smoking prowess that will rival any other smoker, but they often require a greater financial investment, albeit a fairly affordable one.

Their primary benefit is that they are cheaper to run than electric smokers. The heat and cooking area temperature is also easier to control in propane smokers.

If you are looking for a smoker that will provide you with a consistent heating range and temperature, then a propane smoker is your best choice.

They can also more easily accommodate large cuts of meat, or longer smoking sessions with bigger cuts of meat.

This feature is particularly valuable if you are considering smoking meat that is tough to cook evenly.

Whereas the size of a gas smoker may be intimidating for many people, propane smokers also have a lot of size options to accommodate the everyday user.

Electric Smoker and Propane Smokers – Head to head

There’s no doubt as to which is better. The traditional and popular method of smoking meat and fish is with a real smoker using charcoal or a wood chip.

This is true whether you are a professional chef preparing steaks for the Royal family or a back yard dad preparing your favorite grilled chops for the whole family.

Smoking meat and food has been a tradition in a lot of countries for hundreds of years. If you are a foodie, you must agree.

A super-heated wood chip absorb more beef, pork, or fish flavor than any other material. This is the key to that wonderful smoked taste you just can’t get enough of.

However, it’s just not that easy to always get the perfect smoke for that great food. So this is where the traditional smoker using wood chips comes in.

Top Electric and Propane Brands

Below is a comparison chart of what’s out there in the market right now. The list is heavily biased towards my personal experience that I’ve gained from cooking numerous meals for my family, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and summer BBQs.

I picked 10 of the most popular brands of electric smokers right now and 10 of the most popular propane smokers available in the market.

Of course, each smoker has its own advantages and disadvantages. We’ve listed them to give you an overall view of the products available.

You have to figure out what’s important to you and your needs before making a buying decision. Here are the top 10 electric smokers and top 10 propane smokers in the market right now.

The Best Grill Covers

The best grill covers are safe material that can keep the food at safe temperatures longer.

They should be cheap, have a size that suits the grill in question, and also insulate interior parts of the grill from the heat of the coming summer or the cold of the coming winter.

Grill covers have wide uses during the year. They can be used as the best and most cost-effective method for quick and easy moving of the grill from one setting to the next.

They can be placed on the grill to keep it safe from the environment and to save energy.

When you have used your grill, you may store it in the cover over the winter. This conserves energy and will keep your grill safe in storage.