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The Best Places to Buy Wagyu Beef Online

Wagyu beef is A5 (and above), Kobe (Wagyu) beef. It is one of the world’s most recognized and most expensive types of beef.

They are the only cattle that have specific feed and dietary requirements dictated by the government in Japan. Only a few local governments in Japan have an official Wagyu registry. To qualify for that registry, the cattle must be born and raised in an official cattle village.

Because of its global celebrity status and the reputation of being “the best beef in the world,” Wagyu is now available in many quality meat markets.

To find the best Wagyu beef, you need to decide what meets your criteria. Some of the main considerations in purchasing Wagyu beef online are

Source of Wagyu Beef

Unless you live in Japan, you need to rely on the meat markets to provide you with the best Wagyu in the world. One of the ways to do this is to go to the appropriate quality of meat markets and ask them questions about their supply.

1) Holy Grail Steak Company

The Holy Grail is a delivery-only company that sells high quality wagyu beef. They sell consistent, top grade, full blooded wagyu beef to their customers directly from Australia and it arrives via overnight courier, fresh every day!

And they offer an easy online ordering system over their website, which means no driving around, ever again! 🙂

This company has smartly combined convenience, technology and quality wagyu products to bring you an enjoyable online shopping experience. And best of all, you don’t have to trek out to local butcheries to get your premium wagyu beef.

Their website is as easy to use as ordering off Amazon, for example. Browse the available cuts of beef or beef products online, select your order and have it delivered quickly right to your doorstep! Their range includes roasts, steaks, hamburger patties, tenderloin, ribeye, short rib, etc.

All orders are carefully packaged and shipped overnight providing you with the freshest cut of wagyu beef. It’s ideal for those who want to enjoy the most succulent and luscious beef for dinner.

You can either have one of their signature wagyu beef roasts, or go for a custom order. It’s up to you!

2) Snake River Farms

3) Crowd Cow


A great resource to find high quality, pasture raised, humanely treated Wagyu. You will find a wide range of cuts available from Crowd Cow, all sourced directly from the farmer. Their Wagyu beef is hand picked and arrives in smaller quantities and packages perfect for a single person or couple and their offerings rotate frequently.

4) Chicago Steak Company

5) Debragga


Debragga has a wonderful selection from American Wagyu Beef Association members. From time to time you see beef cuts that are no longer available in Japan, and sometimes you even see desirable A5 American Wagyu beef, but you seldom see the combination of both. Debragga is one of the few places you can find A5 American Wagyu beef.

6) Omaha Steaks

Buffalo Trace product line puts an upscale twist on this legendary producer, with its high quality and hard-to-find products. For Valentine’s Day, this is a great gift, and is sure to impress your palate and your palate.

You can order any size you like, starting at one pound. For example, with this option, you can get something like 1) USA Black Angus Steak Pack. This set includes New York Strips Steak, Filet Mignon, Ribeye Steak, and a Flat Iron Steak. They’re prepared at the level you select. There are certain magic moments when the depth of flavor meets your tongue, and you know you’re on the right path. A meal of fresh Omaha Steaks Pan-Seared Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail is one of those moments that is perfect for lovers.

This package includes a filet mignon and a New York Strip. You have a choice of USDA Prime Beef. Or a choice of USDA Choice Beef. It’s a great way to celebrate someone special.

7) D’artagnan

D’Artagnan is the Guinness Record holder for largest producer, processor and distributor of specialty foods in the USA.

There is no other company in the US in the specialty meat sector with the volume and quality of products under their belt.

This is where you get the best wagyu steaks for a reasonable price. High quality beef is what they specialize in, and they offer wholesale customers great value.

Last year, LA Times and New York Times reviews named them the best source for domestic Kobe beef. Great customer service and fast shipping are excellent reasons why D’Artagnan is one of the best online stores to buy wagyu beef online.

8) Allen Brothers

In business for over 30 years, Allen Brothers is one of the largest and most well-known purveyors of Wagyu grade beef. Allen Brothers works directly with American ranchers to supply authenticity.

They prepare private buyers for the arrival of their Wagyu beef with an email and a phone call, a signed bill of lading, and a tracking number so you can track your Wagyu beef from Chicago to your home.

Their email will arrive a few days before your beef arrives, and you will be amazed at how they wrap your meat to protect it. Also, Allen Brothers does not place their labels on the meat, but on the outside of the packaging to ensure the meat is a surprise.

Once your Wagyu beef arrives, you can taste the difference in the steaks.

What to watch out for when ordering Wagyu

Large commercial farms that produce hundreds of beef cattle every day, have the advantage over smaller farms by producing more realistic and economical flavored meat.

The major disadvantage of large farms is typically the practices that are used to get the cow to the slaughterhouse. Their goal is to get the cow to the right weight and ensure that the ratio of muscle to fat is suitable for beef production.

The term “Wagyu”

Has three possible spellings: Japanese (Wagyu), American (Wagyu), and European (Wagyu).

This spelling variation is unique to this particular type of cattle, originating in Japan.

All Wagyu meats originate from three specific areas: the Kanto, Tohoku, and Hokkaido regions in Japan. The kobe beef cattle are only bred in the Kobe region for the highest quality of beef.

You can usually tell the difference by looking at the beef label or directly asking the retailer or butcher.

When you are paying for Wagyu meat, you are paying for an increased amount of marbling, or fat, in the beef.

Remember that the amount of marbling does not guarantee a better quality of meat.

“Kobe Style” Beef

From Australia?

In America Kobe used to just be a mysterious place in Japan, up until several years ago when a small number of Kobe cattle were smuggled out of a quarantine facility in Japan and landed in America’s hands. But the beef was labeled as Kobe.

Unfortunately, for the American beef-loving public, it’s illegal to label beef as Kobe Beef outside of Japan due to a trade dispute.

Today, Kobe Beef cows are actually shipped back to Japan, to be raised and slaughtered in Kobe and then shipped back to the USA again. While this does keep the American beef craving public happy, it does little to the original population of Wagyu cattle in the Kobe region.

And if seeing the decline of these cattle types in their own land bothers you, there is something you can do about it.

Australia sends their Wagyu cattle to Japan and now the Wagyu cattle are a major part of the thriving Japanese beef industry.

Just like beef from Kobe Japan, this meat is raised in a very similar natural environment and fed on a diet of nearly all barley and a blend of soy and wheat. The cattle are also massaged, given high quality vitamins and minerals and bathed once a week. And just like Kobe, the cattle are butchered at around 18 months.

The Price

The price of wagyu beef is high because it is rare.

At this time, there are only about 300 head of registered wagyu in the U.S. and 600 to 800 head in Canada. And the majority of these are female, which means that in order to maintain the breeding stock, new cows must be imported.

This scarcity also keeps demand high, but even if demand fell and supply rose, the price of Wagyu would probably remain high due to its quality and flavor.

Then there’s the fact that the supply of wagyu is not inexhaustible. If you aren’t prepared to wait ten years or longer to own a wagyu, as some new wagyu owners have had to, consider purchasing an American style wagyu, also known as Ameri-Wagyu from a reputable accredited U.S. beef producer.

But keep in mind that an average American cattle can fetch a higher price than an average Wagyu here in the states due to its age, weight, and fat distribution.

What you need to know about Wagyu

Wagyu is a classification of cattle in Japan. When it comes to beef from the United States, Wagyu usually refers to the strict Japanese heritage breeds of cattle like the Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, or Japanese Polled.

In the United States, Wagyu refers to cattle with the Japanese bloodline. Even if the cows are not full blood Wagyu cows they have to be at least 50% Wagyu to be marketed as such in the U.S. Older Wagyu heritage breeds are originally from Japan and have the best reputation for marbling and for being able to produce the highest levels of intramuscular fat marbling, which gives their meat a buttery, rich flavor and tenderness.

The Japanese have been producing Wagyu cattle for their meat for hundreds of years and the breed of Wagyu cattle are recorded to date back to the 4th century in Japan.

The cows first arrived in the United States in 1975. When they arrived, they were some of the most valuable animals on the planet. However, it was much less expensive to buy a cow instead of raised a calf, and purchasing a mature cow was much less expensive than purchasing a growing calf.

A lot of people were raising Wagyu cattle in the United States to sell their carcasses to get the high price per pound. And while this is technically still happening, a lot of farmers are now raising the cattle and selling the meat.

What are the main types of Wagyu?

There are 3 main types of Wagyu beef:

  • Japanese Black
  • Japanese Brown
  • American Style

In addition to these 3 main types, there are also crossbreeds of Wagyu cattle, such as:

  • Danish Blue/Japanese Brown
  • Irish Beef/Japanese Black
  • Japanese Black/Brangus
  • Japanese Brown/Limousin
  • Japanese Brown/Angus
  • Japanese Black/Angus
  • Japanese Black/Angus/Chianina
  • Japanese Brown/Angus/Chianina

Danish Blue and Irish Beef are not in the same family as Japanese beef, and therefore the latter, when exported, carry a labeling as Japanese style beef.

Wagyu (ブブリ) is the Japanese name for the cattle and sometimes also for the meat that comes from these cows.

However, Wagyu beef is also known as Kobe beef (神戸牛 Kobe-gyu) after the famous city of Kobe.

In Japan, Wagyu beef is splint into 4 different breeds:

  • Japanese Black (黒毛和種 Kuroge Washu)
  • Japanese Brown (赤毛和種 Akage Washu)

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